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Build your future with a partner who supports your client relationships, not someone who gets in the way.

Trust is built when your clients know you have their best interests at heart. When you partner with First Financial Equity Corporation, you have the resources you need to offer objective, unbiased advice. There are no quotas to meet and no proprietary products to push - just you guiding your clients towards the vision you have defined together. With that openness, trust comes full circle.

Our clients are our greatest asset. 

We provide personalized customer service and offer comprehensive financial solutions by designing portfolios to meet each client's special needs. Our goal is the success of each client's investing and economic endeavors. 

We create an environment where Financial Advisors have the freedom to brand their business so they can set themselves apart from the competition and provide personalized customer service. By providing a flexible platform to a diverse group of Financial Advisors, we are able to meet client's unique needs and help them reach their financial goals.

Jeffrey Graves
President, CEO