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Solution Driven 401(k) Options

First Financial Equity Corporation (FFEC) understands the complicated world of 401(k)s. As an Advisor, you want flexible, low cost solutions for your clients and prospects, but you may also need outside expertise on some occasions. 

At FFEC you may have the ability to work with the same plans that you are currently using. If you lack the ability at your current firm to have the power to select the team members that are the best solution for your clients, we can help. FFEC embraces Advisors that are solution driven and we will work with  you to help provide the custom options that you need for your clients.

FFEC also offers a turn-key option. The FFEC 401(k) Solution was built to be an attractive and competitive option in helping your clients and prospects make good choices. Benefits include:

  • Low Cost 
  • Reduced Liability
  • Choice
  • Flexibility 
  • Personalized Reporting Tools
  • Expanded Access 

FFEC helps you turn complex problems into opportunities.