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Money Tree

First Financial Equity Corporation (FFEC) provides our Advisors access to Money Tree Financial Planning Software. If an Advisor requests another vendor, we will accommodate that request whenever possible. Money Tree’s software is an easy, effective solution for Advisors. Money Tree’s intuitive navigation and clear reports allow you to spend more time with clients and less time creating plans. Instant, side-by-side scenario comparisons allow for rich client interaction.

  • Graphically illustrate retirement situations
  • Solve for retirement shortages
  • Live “What If” changes illustrate concepts and planning opportunities
  • Demonstrate wealth accumulation, retirement savings and drawdowns
  • Illustrate insurance needs
  • Calculate savings required for education with college tuition and housing database
  • Contrast three alternative scenarios with the current plan
  • 10,000 Monte Carlo simulations to show retirement probabilities and risks