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Registered Investment Advisor

First Financial Equity Corporation (FFEC) has been a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) since 1985. We don’t view being an RIA as some fad, or an add-on business. It’s who we are.

Every Advisor, every client is unique. That’s why you need every available platform at your disposal. You can manage money on a non-discretionary or discretionary basis. Block trading, allocation of trades and easy rebalancing programs are at your disposal.

While most of your advisory business will be custodied at our clearing firm, Hilltop Securities, you may find a situation that requires your client’s assets to be held outside of Hilltop Securities. Because each of your clients have unique circumstances, we have set up additional custodian relationships, like TD Ameritrade. FFEC will give you guidance to solve the problem, not put up roadblocks.